Our services

functional recovery programs chronic pain management hydrotherapy medicare / enhanced primary care plan / DVA / health funds


• Treatment consisting of the performance of activities specific to the injured workers job tasks

• Expected to increase the functional capacity of an injured worker as confirmed by a Certificate of Capacity upgrade and/or return to work.

• OccHealth by Altius AEPs will work collaboratively with other professionals to help workers return to work.

• Evidence based treatment to promote cost effective and sustainable return to work outcomes.

• Treatment using a bio-psychosocial approach that addresses bio-psychosocial factors, empowers independent management and has a treatment end-point delivered in alignment with WorkCover’s May 2008 Publication “Improving Outcomes: Integrated, active management of workers with soft tissue injury”.


• Nominated Treating Doctor case conferencing including face to face and teleconferencing to facilitate medical certificate upgrades and promote return to work.

• Workplace based sessions to address workplace barriers and to ensure manual handling techniques and self-management strategies taught during treatment is applied directly to the workplace.